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Found 1 result

  1. Demande de @jjd1687 (–`·._.· Diablo IV ·._.·´–) Date de l'upload : 14/06/2023 Plus d'info : IgDB Nom de la Release : Diablo.IV-P2P Catégorie : Application Genre : Jeux Vidéo PC Taille : 73.80 Go [hide] Nom à rechercher : X8IKU41LM4ZVIOBR5GW8 Groupe(s) : alt.binaries.boneless,alt.binaries.gougouland Posteur : UnK@Team.com Lien de téléchargement : NzbIndex Lien de téléchargement : NzbKing Autre moteur : BinSearch Serveur 1 Autre moteur : BinSearch Serveur 2 Mot de passe : UnK-1178 NzbMonkey : Diablo.IV-P2P{{UnK-1178}}.nzb [/hide] How To Play Register in the D4 Reflection site -> Download the Launcher and install it (https://d4reflection.org/download) Start the Launcher Click Diablo IV and Download Wait 1/2 minutes and close the Launcher Go to the destination where Diablo IV was downloading, the folder should be named like this ”D4R_ENRU” Move the files you just downloaded [D4R_ENRU Parts->Extract->”D4R_ENRU”] to that folder we saw earlier (Copy and replace if necessary) Reopen the Launcher and on Diablo IV there should be a ”Play” button Start the game and enter the account you created on D4 Reflection. Have fun. In case there is no ”Play” button click ”set already installed game” and select ”Diablo IV.exe” -> It will start doing file verification, close and reopen Launcher. All Credit To: i am GOD
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